Who we are

Solidiance is the consulting firm healthcare multinational corporations and government agencies choose when they need evidence-based strategic advice in Asia. We collect market information and provide strategy recommendations based on expert analysis so that our clients have the necessary guidance to achieve enduring results. Our expertise covers mostly Asia medical devices, Asia Pharmaticals, Asia Healthcare Providers.

We help medical devices and pharmaceutical clients to comprehend the market landscape, identify opportunities, and prepare strategies to enter and quickly grow in Asia’s developing markets. Our team is comprised of professional and experienced consultants with a deep healthcare knowledge and sound understanding of local markets.

Our consultants are trained to skillfully gather facts from patients, doctors, hospital management and ward staff, competitor, suppliers, distributors, intermediaries, medical associations, MOH, regulatory bodies, toll manufacturers, etc in the marketplace and then analyze these insights to develop actionable recommendations and sound business strategies.

Our repeat work for some of the largest healthcare providers such as Allergan, BD, Boston Scientific, Covidien, Essilor, GE, Parkway, Teva etc. is the clear testimony that we are able to deliver sustainable value.

  • Healthcare B2B market research Asia
  • Growth strategy healthcare Asia
  • Pharmaceutical market research Asia
  • Medical Device market research Asia
  • Laboratories market research Asia
  • Healthcare competitive intelligence Asia
  • Healthcare due diligence Asia
  • M&A screening & evaluation
  • Pharmaceutical market sizing
  • Medical device market sizing
  • Go-to-Market strategy and business plan
  • Pharmaceutical market entry strategy Vietnam
  • Pharmaceutical market entry strategy Indonesia
  • Market opportunity analysis
  • Partner evaluations and due diligence
  • Manufacturer searches
  • Dealer/distributor searches
  • Healthcare service expansion strategy emerging market
  • Healthcare business intelligence
  • Healthcare expenditure